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The Black Ops 2 Aimbot

An aimbot is a time-saving, mobile hack, which acquires objectives automatically. A BO2 targetbot can assist you eliminate opponent with the effectiveness of a seasoned sniper, rather than spray bullets or hope to hit something. Once you’ve got the toll, your enemy will be named and you’ll see a red crosshair. It can be hard to maintain track of a straffing foe with Call of Duty’s 60 frames per second signature. TMCheats offer an advanced BO2 targetbot with motion and framework compensation to maintain your goal stable regardless of how much your goal moves. The auto-touch toggle allows you to move easily from goal to goal, and you can also move to visible goals.



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TMCheats intends to have as many choices as possible, therefore their target bot Black Ops 2 characteristics can be configured. The target vectors can be limited so that only objectives are reached in a particular horizontal range, ideal for door defense and other small regions. Change the maximum length to keep the target bot far from reaching the targets and specify the critical length to give priority to some targets over others. Sometimes you have to bring snipers out of the open behind the boys, and TMCheats knows this. Their BO2 targetbot also carries out visibility and penetration controls to make it possible to shoot the smallest gaps. The wall-hacker is likely the most common aspect of the TMCheats goal, enabling you to target and fire through the destructive terrain and screw through walls literally. This target also involves an auto fire option which will shoot a target automatically as quickly as it is purchased.

Another of the most important Black Ops 2 hacks will be ESP ESP.

This characteristic provides you all your opponents ‘ data when you stay in the dark. See the name and skeleton of another player and the distance between them. Before you make your move, know your rank and know which weapons they have equipped. Use the ESP barrel to check the direction they look so you can sneak back. Use snap lines from your position to draw a straight line. Configurable colors of your team assist you to say your enemies ‘ friends.

Object ESP also enables you to remain ahead of the other team with important data regarding your equipment. Know whether it’s worth taking this chopper, plane or turret. Get inside explosive data and see the prospective explosive region around. Weapon ESP also allows you to see guns dropped before someone else takes them. The other team has no opportunity with this data at your disposal.

The code: BO ESP Hacks or “Wallhacks”


Whenever you shoot someone with a single shot in the wall, you will definitely be called a “wallhacker.” ESP stands for extra sensory perception and it provides a hacking option that lets players, explosives, etc. look across walls and other barriers to highlight certain items in the game. Wallhacks operate fundamentally the same way that goals: they find items in your game, but they highlight them by using boxes, chams and other indicators, instead of aiming for them. ESP Hacks can also provide Black Ops 2 players with a wide range of data, such as players ‘ safety, arms, explosives and even perks, distance, etc. It’s a very timid and frantically stupid thing to do when shooting enemies through wall, as this mainly demonstrates that you are a hacker, if any healthy individual witnesses it. Wallhacks gives you a tremendous tactical benefit in all areas while you do not fully remove the skill and are usually a lot cheaper than auto aim software. Wallhacks are highly recommended for the use of targeted bots because it is not only much more fun, but much cheating for other players too and a lot more manually difficult to identify. Overall ESPs are very pleasant and strong if you want to do more than just walk around and hold one button down.

Does Call of Duty contain any cheating methods: Black Ops 2?

Yes, actually there are many. Software allows you to see a player through the map, known as Wallhacks, and programs are automatically targeting you and even shooting your weapons, so you can see them on the map. But there are no god modes, prestige hacks, ammunition cheats, weapons or anything like this.

Is it legally acceptable to use BO2 cheats and do I risk my account?

Cheating is actually totally legal in games. If you abuse hacks and other players ‘ annoyance, individuals will tell you and hopefully you will be banned from CoD. But if you choose to be a nice cheater, you really don’t have to worry about that, unless you have obsolete software. So be nice and stay below the radar and your account won’t be bad.

about game

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, a Treyarch created first person shooter and released by Activision. The Call of Duty franchise is now its fifth primary installment and the first Call of Duty game available on a console of 8th generation (Wii U), published on November 13, 2012[3]. This is a direct follow-up to Call of Dusty: Black Ops and was announced at a NBA playoff match on May 1, 2012. It is Treyarch’s first game to be played and also the first direct successor created for the studio series.

The game was also the first Call-of-Duty game for the Nintendo Wii U console, and was released in Japan on December 20, 2012, twelve days after the Japanese console launch day but on the same day, the console received the Japanese dub version simultaneately with the other platforms.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops II website was also provided with the public access during the NBA basketball playoffs to coincide with the world’s publication.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II lastly came on Xbox One on 12 April 2017, following a large number of demands, anticipation and speculation.


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Either you can attempt to convert / resign from EBOOT, or you can use RTM Tools to use Custom.gsc files using: https:/
Find your original EBOOT.BIN file on the Internet, replace it with the appropriate file and also remove the.sprx file from your dev hdd0/tmp folder to make it functional again.

The mistake is a fault in allowing the. SELF file btw. ( codes)


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